Ha en härlig julafton

God jul är egentligen allt som man behöver säga en dag som denna. Njut av allt! Själv skrev jag följande lilla hälsning till alla medlemsöar i öspelen. Känn dig inkluderad!
Dear island friends,

On behalf of the Executive Committee I should like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Time is flying and soon we will join forces to celebrate the XVII NatWest Island Games in Gotland. Preparations are ongoing and the EXIS-system will be open for your entries until the very last day of this year. Please make sure you meet the deadline. The beauty of the Games can only be achieved together. Gotland is the Host of the party but it’s success can only be accomplished by the participating guests. We are all in this together. The better we are at meeting deadlines, the better the NatWest Island Games will become. Please also remember to check your flights, slots will be limited in Gotland in the summer.

I am looking forward to seeing all of our competitors performing in a way they have never performed before; because that is what we do, we inspire our competitors to perform better than ever before. That is the essence of whatever we do in the NatWest Island Games. We try harder, we laugh more and we inspire each other to become better!

Best regards,


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