Tack för allt Gotland!

Fredagen den 30 juni är inte bara min roddarbroder Johnnys födelsedag, det var också dagen då årets öspel avslutades. Så här löd farvälhälsningen.

As Chairman of the International Island Games Association, I entrust this Ceremonial Flag to Gibraltar’s care and I ask that you will ensure that the Flag is raised at the start of the NatWest Island Games XVIII.

Thank you Gotland! You opened your home and your hearts and made us all feel special. You have shown great generosity and hospitality. Together we are better today than we were six days ago. We have competed, we have laughed, we have cried, we have won and we have lost together.

In Gotland we have grown and we have become stronger. We have created memories that will last forever. We came as islanders and we leave as friends.

The NatWest Island Games is a result of combined efforts, mutual understanding and an idea that will make tomorrow better than today.

Our Games have been seen all over the world, we have shown that friendly competition makes a difference. You are role models and inspiration, you are magic.

You are all part of an international event from which friendship, understanding, respect and love arises. We have all joined together in sport because we truly believe that the meaning of life is hope and ambition.

Hope is what makes us try harder to achieve more. Ambitions make us go further.

Thank you Gotland, thank you competitors, officials, supporters, sponsors, committees and everyone else that contributed to the success of NatWest Island Games 2017.

In the name of the International Island Games Association, I declare the NatWest Island Games XVII in Gotland 2017 closed. I call upon the sportsmen and sportswomen of the Member Island Associations to assemble in two years in Gibraltar to celebrate the NatWest Island Games XVIII so that the spirit of true sportsmanship may be continued with courage and honour to all who participate.

Let’s party.

Jorgen Pettersson, Chairman,
International Island Games Association
Från vänster Jenny Sander, ordförande i Gotlands organisationskommitté, undertecknad samt Linda Alvarez som leder arbetet inför NatWest Island Games på Gibraltar om två år. 
Och här går flaggan från Jenny via mig till Linda. Högtidligt bara värre.


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